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23 Ways To Have A Lighter ‘23

Start the year off with new habits & intentions to help you have a lighter and airier 2023.

Practice these tasks to organize and maintain your life throughout the year. Our environment greatly impacts our mental, emotional and physical state – let us set the foundation of how we want to spend our time and energy, while letting go of the rest. It is the year of leaning into what supports, serves and lights you up. Now let us get started!

  1. If it can be done and completed in 2 minutes, do it!

  2. Make your bed in the morning, it starts the day off with a task already completed

  3. Do a ten minute clean up before bed so you can wake up to a tidier home

  4. Try out Airy Spaces decluttering challenges

  5. Make a priority list daily to stay organized and on top of the things that matter

  6. Start a shopping ban or limit what you buy to what is written on a list

  7. Journal your thoughts to declutter your mind. It is amazing how much clarity you get from jotting some things down

  8. Focus on self-care and what that means to you – you can’t pour from an empty cup. Recharge those batteries and often!

  9. Simplify your calendar. If you feel like you are being pulled in all directions, your body is telling you to slow down and reevaluate your time

  10. If you struggle with making time to declutter or organize – plan dates in your calendar and set a timer for 10-20 minutes at least once a week. It is amazing what can be done in that amount of time

  11. Go through your digital photos. Digital clutter is a thing as well. Download apps (e.g. remo) that delete duplicate photos

  12. Organize your fridge – when we can see what we have and store items in a way which prolongs their shelf life we tend to eat healthier and save money

  13. Movement is very important for mental and physical health. Move your body and breathe in some fresh air whenever and wherever you can

  14. Practice gratitude daily. This can be done through thinking, writing, feeling, tasting, smelling, speaking – when gratitude is present it forces us to shift from what we don’t have to what we do

  15. Handle physical mail immediately and create a system for what to do with it – to be paid / to be filed / to be shredded or recycled. What system works for you?

  16. Keep items off your kitchen counter – it is a space that happens to be a magnet for clutter

  17. Maintain your wardrobe – hang up items if they are not going to be worn or are not dirty

  18. Create a bedtime routine to signal to your body that you are winding down. Set up the sleep or mindfulness option on your phone to stop getting notifications. Use scents that are affiliated with a calm and relaxing atmosphere like a spa, read or journal before sleep. Creating to-do lists for the next day will help avoid those 3am spirals that can sometimes keep us awake

  19. Clean up dishes after meals or soaking to avoid any pileups

  20. Identify homes for all your items

  21. Be honest with yourself and discard any unfinished projects that you will not complete – it is ok! Do this shame free!

  22. Determine what the function and purpose is for each room in your home. If something is in there that does not support the purpose, it needs to be moved or removed

  23. Try to not take things to seriously all the time – make room for fun and activities that spark the joy in your inner child

January Decluttering Challenge
Download PDF • 46KB

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