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Decluttering Your Life

You choose what is right for you!

Decluttering your life has become “a thing” over the last decade and I am sure this trend is going to stick around, only increasing in popularity. With numerous books, blogs, tv shows, social media accounts, the amount of information accessible out there is endless and almost to the point that it is overwhelming. Where do you start? Who do you trust? Not every industry figure will have all the answers you are looking for. The great thing about that is you can pick and choose what you would like to incorporate on a trial basis and see what works for you.

If you are looking at visuals for inspiration keep in mind the space you have to work with and the goal you set out for that particular area. It is possible that you are going to have to think out of the box (pun intended) on some storage solutions to organize the space. Floating shelves, hooks and maximizing vertical space might be necessary for small spaces, but before deciding on the layout and any additional boxes or containers, go through and declutter the space/items you wish to place there to get a better understanding of the quantity & categories you will be working with. This helps save on cost, time and wasted space.

Make sure you look around your home for things that can be repurposed or reused in another space before going out and purchasing new organizational baskets. If you are looking at adding some additional items, make sure they are long term eco friendly solutions that can be used all throughout your home and not specifically just in one area. This probably goes without saying, measuring (height/width/depth) is essential when adding new storage (cabinet, hooks, shelves, baskets, inserts, etc.) to appropriately fit the space, so it will not look cluttered and to avoid any disappointment on the vision you set out for.

When deciding on where to begin the decluttering process, keep it simple and start off with a small space like a drawer, cupboard or shelf. Take everything out and separate items in similar categories to see what can be reused, recycled, donated or moved to another area in your home. Tackling this step will help build your confidence and decision-making skills to move onto larger areas in your home.

When sorting through textiles whether it be clothing, linens, kitchen or bathroom towels, it is easier to have four different categories (keep, maybe, fix, donate). Being honest with yourself is a key factor here - if you are holding onto items because of sentimental attachment or denial and in truth the item actually brings up negative feelings, wastes space or collects dust, it is time to thank that item and put it in the truthful category. Be patient with yourself during this journey. It will be emotionally, mentally and physically draining at times, so don’t beat yourself up if you need a break (possibly multiple breaks) to recharge or realign your thoughts and get back on track.

Good luck and please reach out if you have any questions at all!!

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