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Spring Cleaning

Spring is in the air ~ as Mother Nature shows us what it is like to start over, there is no better time to shift any stagnant energy in the home and create a lighter, airier space. After a winter of closed windows, fire/heating, cooking, & layers of things that end up building up – dust and allergens fill the home creating areas that are poor for your health, especially anyone who suffers from allergies.


Not only does spring cleaning benefit your overall physical health, but it is also proven that it can enhance your overall mental and emotional wellbeing. From >

  • productivity - increase energy levels, create better organizational solutions to know where everything is

  • immune system - “dust, mold, mildew, pet dander, and other things like this can be immune system triggers for people prone to allergies” quoted by Dr. Adrian Cotton for Healthline

  • decreased stress and depression - lack of sleep and mental clarity are directly linked to clutter. Studies have found that peaceful and clutter-free homes can have a positive influence on our daily mood and sleep

  • ability to focus - with less clutter around to distract our minds we are able to maintain focus and concentrate on the task at hand

  • prevent illness - properly cleaning and disinfecting surfaces where food preparation is done or stored will help in avoiding illnesses and minimize the spread of viruses and bacteria

  • healthier eating choices - clean countertops, shelves & fridge make it easier to get inspired and prepare something healthy and delicious for yourself, partner, or family

  • safer home  - reduce the risk of injury at home by cleaning dust on the stairs, stacks vulnerable to falling, tripping on scattered items just laying around

  • physical activity payoff you receive during the process is great for your body and possibly continued movement and upkeep post spring clean

Below you will find a spring-cleaning checklist broken down per room. The most important element (action) is pulling everything out and cleaning under, sides, corners, top and every surface in-between. Going though and touching, inspecting, and deciding on what will remain for each individual item – even things that you know are staying or blend into the surrounds. You might feel differently after physically touching and giving the item some thought. 

Break the checklist down per day, week or throughout a month or two. Take your time and listen to your body. Delegate tasks to family members or include them and work together. Spring cleaning does not have to be a chore and there are a number of ways you can make a game or challenge out of it.

Ultimately, you will be that much lighter thoughtfully curating a space that feels like home. 

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