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Virtual Sessions

How to Prepare for a Virtual Declutter / Organizing Session

First, set your intentions or at least have a vision of what you would like your home to look like after the decluttering/organizing journey. This way I know what you are trying to create, and it will help keep things moving in the right direction.

Setting intentions instead of goals, allows you to focus on the present moment and how you want to feel throughout this process. Goals are usually focused around a set destination on future moments and what we would like to achieve. Not achieving goals can sometimes lead to negative self-talk and this is something that we are trying to avoid. So, let’s be present, enjoy the journey and look inward (mind & body) to set some intentions!

It’s important to set realistic goals for how you want your room or home to function after the virtual session. Communication is key here and throughout our time together. The reason for this is so that I am able to work with you to achieve your vision while also grounding you and your expectations for the future. Additionally, you’ll want to think about your lifestyle goals that relate to the space, because working with an organizer is about more than just clearing clutter. If you’re unsure of your goals or need some help deciding between alternatives, that’s okay - just be transparent with me. It’s all about bridging the gap between where you and your space are now … and where you’d like to be.

Preparing Your Space

​Contrary to what you might think, please do not pre-clean or pre-organize before our session. Afterall, this is why you have reached out to me for help! It is informative for me to see how you really live. Getting a feel for your natural environment will help me assess what needs to happen. Try to reduce as much distraction around you as possible so that we can easily communicate and stay focused.

Check out AS recommended list here of what to have ready to declutter | organize.

Keep organized with this checklist on what to have ready for our session.

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