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My Story

Hi, I am Brandi, owner of Airy Spaces.


​As far back as I can remember, I have always wanted to help people but discovering what area that was in was the challenging part.

 Growing up I would constantly be rearranging things around the house, pulling everything out of the front hall closet, cleaning and placing things back in a neat and organized manner.

​During my early twenties, the convenience of online shopping started taking over my life. Not only did I have SO much stuff, but I also accumulated a lot of debt as well.

​Fast forward five years, when serendipity led me to move halfway across the world to Bahrain to live with my fiancé. This is where I discovered my love for repurposed items, secondhand furniture, and project management. 

​When we made the call to move from Bahrain to Italy, we agreed that the less we shipped overseas the more cost effective the move would be. We sold or donated pretty much everything we owned, apart from clothing, some textiles, and of course our records! I really thought I would have had more of a difficult time detaching myself from our things, but then again, they are just things. Once we were settled in Florence, I began reflecting on how the whole journey not only physically changed for us with owning less things, but also the freedom it subsequently gave my mind. This was when I knew I wanted to help others experience this sense of clarity and freedom and I signed up for as many online courses as I could to learn about different methods of decluttering and minimalism. 

​I would not classify myself as a minimalist. The simplicity of having less has given me a different perspective on life - one where I decide which items I invite in and thank those items that have served their purpose. Luckily enough, I am in a position where I am able to make intentional purchases by spending more time researching sustainable items that will last longer and have less of an environmental impact, all while constantly reviewing the necessary “things” I need in my life. By changing my mindset on the way that I live, I now understand my values and how I would like them to be reflected in my physical space.

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