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Your Trustworthy Home Declutterer


Like each individual, every commission is different. The space, quantity of items, overall goal and length of time. Find the link below to download our Packages & Bundle Solutions, but please note that the prices are subject to change based on the overall amount of items and size. Get in touch and find out more information, we are here to help.



Empowering clients through coaching and guidance to take control of their space by rolling up their sleeves and doing the work themselves. This is a less intrusive way to tackle those problematic areas, while receiving the tools necessary in creating long lasting organizational and productive solutions. A great option for those with scheduling conflicts (evening and weekends available), living outside of the Florence area, concerns about strangers in their home, or on a more restrictive budget. Sessions can take place via video meetings, pictures, email and telephone conversations. 

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A decluttered and organized workspace can increase efficiency by aligning operational processes. Spend more time focusing on what is important, increase productivity, and improve communications.

  • People waste 4.3 hours per week on average just looking for paper

  • 57% of people admit they feel judged for the cleanliness of their workspace

  • Employees who have a clean desk can work 7.5 minutes longer without feeling distracted

  • A clean desk increases productivity and persistence by 84%

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RENTAL PROPERTIES - Declutter & Reorganize

Looking to rent out your property, but don't know where to start? If you walked into your rental as a guest, how would it make you feel? Sometimes due to time or restrictions, we are not able to put the energy and love into existing or potential income properties, but feel stuck on what to do or who to reach out to. Turning an additional or unused space into something that could make profit, has really become quite popular with the increasing demand for Airbnb and Vacation Rentals. Maximize your space by getting in touch today and see how I can help you!

Image by Minh Pham

“Today is the day you rid yourself of anything that distracts from your best life.”
― Joshua Becker


In-Person Consultation – I will assess your space to determine how long the project will take and how much it will cost. This is not a necessary step for every project but a very helpful one, especially if additional organizing materials are needed at all.

Written Proposal - After the consultation I will send you an email with the Project Proposal - including goals, budget and timeline.

Declutter/Organize - I will work along beside you throughout the process or solely by myself. If during the day does not work for you, I am flexible and can arrange evenings or weekend visits to suit your needs.

I am sensitive to my clients and offer compassion, energy, and encouragement throughout each stage of reorganizing. I do understand that change, especially decluttering, can be extremely difficult and the emotional attachments one might experience. I am here to help with any tough decisions you might have when choosing which items stay, get donated/resold, or whether they can find a new location or purpose within the home or office.


Once the purge is complete, the next step is to organize your remaining items with efficiency while implementing systems to assist in staying organized. Even if "staying organized" isn’t your thing, I offer monthly visits to declutter and reorganize.


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